AB Science is a clinical-stage company designing and developing novel drugs to address diseases with a high unmet medical need, including inflammatory diseases, pathologies affecting peripheral and central nervous system and cancers.

Our science is based on a highly integrated research network associating a state-of-the art drug discovery department to the highly valuable knowledge of our scientific committee’s members in order to develop original and innovative therapeutic strategies.

This is illustrated by masitinib, our main clinical compound, which was designed as a disrupting mast-cells and glial-cells targeted therapy, through inhibition of key tyrosine kinase targets (c-Kit, CSF1R, FYN, LYN), which is currently developed in four therapeutic areas: neurology (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease), inflammatory diseases (mastocytosis, severe asthma), oncology (prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer) and viral diseases (Covid-19).

AB Science intends to push therapeutic innovation forward with its second clinical compound AB8939 in oncology.