Alain Moussy


Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Founded AB Science.
Former strategic consultant at Booz, Allen & Hamilton and former Head of Corporate Development at Carrefour.
President of AFIRMM, association of mastocytosis patients.

Laurent Guy

Laurent GUY

Chief Financial Officer

Former positions in the banking industry (Société Générale and Paribas) and strategy consulting (Accenture).


Christian Fassotte

Christian FASSOTTE

Global Chief Medical Officer

Medical Doctor. 30+ years of experience, including executive position at Sanofi and Roche for Medical, Regulatory Affairs and R&D.

Alexis Bernard

Alexis Bernard

Head of Veterinary Sales

Former strategic Consultant at Stanwell Consulting.


Peter De Veene


Head of Pharmacovigilance and Global Safety

Medical Doctor. 15+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including Safety and Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management at ALEXION pharmaceuticals, Grunenthal GmbH, Daiichi Sankyo, and Roche.

Catherine Argillier


Head of Quality Assurance

21 years of experience, 7 years as CEO in Quality Management and 14 years as Quality Assurance Manager.

Véronique Gélébart

Véronique Gélébart

Head of Clinical Operations and Clinical Development

25 years of experience. Former Management positions at Sanofi.

Denis Gicquel


Head of Pharmaceutical Development

15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical development, including executive positions at OSNYPHARMA and GSK.