Mast cell tumours (MCTs) are the most common cutaneous malignancies in dogs having often a poor prognosis.

Masivet® is an effective, highly-specific drug, targeting key biological pathways crucial for MCT development and growth.

Masivet® was approved in 2008 by the European Medicine Agency (EMA) in veterinary medicine for the treatment of dog non-resectable MCTs (grade 2 or 3) with presence of a mutated form of the receptor protein c-kit.

In 2018, AB Science celebrated the 10th anniversary of the marketing authorization of Masivet®. Since its approval, Masivet has been used with success as a targeted approach to cancer management in veterinary medicine and tens of thousands of cases have been treated successfully with Masivet®. Veterinary clinics favor the excellent possibilities of case-management of high grade MCTs in the everyday practice with the use of Masivet®.

Masivet® brought veterinary oncology into the modern era by giving it access to targeted therapies.

The Masivet® results in veterinary medicine over the last decade are promising evidence for the clinical development of this compound in human medicine.

The Summary of Product Characteristics is available here.

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