Masitinib is developed in several human indications, in oncology, inflammatory diseases, and central nervous system diseases. Masitinib has been evaluated in around 4000 human patients to date. 

Masitinib also generated positive phase 2 results in oncology, inflammatory diseases, as well as CNS diseases. Several phases 3 are on-going in those indications.

Area Indication Study Status
Oncology / Hematology GIST in first-line treatment Phase 3 On-going
GIST in second-line treatment Phase 3 On-going
Metastatic melanoma with JM mutation of c-KIT Phase 3 On-going
Pancreatic cancer Phase 3 On-going
Relapsed metastatic colorectal cancer Phase 3 On-going
Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer in first line Phase 3 On-going
Relapsed metastatic ovarian cancer Phase 3 On-going
Relapsed peripheral T-cell lymphoma Phase 3 On-going
Inflammatory and neuro-degenerative diseases Severe asthma uncontrolled by oral corticosteroids Phase 3 Recruitment completed
Severe asthma uncontrolled by high dose inhaled corticosteroids and with elevated eosinophil level Phase 3 On-going
Alzheimer disease Phase 3 On-going
Progressive forms of multiple sclerosis Phase 3 Recruitment completed
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Phase 3 Study completed